About the Papa.

IMG_0765Hello out there! Thank you for visiting & taking the time to check out my site. I am a single father of a big little adult named Jennavacia. I have recently in the past couple years have been really focus on self-reflection, self-analyzing, & actively working on my outdated & negative inner processes.

Ultimately, I envision myself growing into Miguel 2.0 in the following ways & more.  I will not let failures affect my self-esteem. Failures will be welcomed for my growth. I will be able to be more naturally happy more consistently in part because i have a clear vision, I make the decisions i truly want to make & I embraced & love myself unconditionally.  I will continue to grow as a parent to promote great communication & loving relationship with my daughter. I will have more constant confidence with expressing my views, debating with others, speaking in front of others. I will continue invest time into fitness & mediation to promote a good mind/ body balance.

So please join me on my journey of digging real deep to pull the weeds & facing the uncomfortable parts of inner me & i hope you get enlightened through my raw deep look at me. Look for new blogs every Wednesday 9pm central time. Thank you & bless you! 🙂

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