Vacia’s & Dad’s Toy Closet

I have for the past 2 years thought of selling toys but never acted on it. Now that Jennavacia is of enough self awareness, we can shop & buy toys that we think we might enjoy. We then plan on a video of our fun experience enjoying a toy to share with you so you know exactly the potential joy that toy can bring your little love one.



We will only sell items we enjoy or is useful to us at the best price of any online site.

Connection thru kindness

We will be empathetic & kind to all.

Sharing Joy & Toy Functionality

We will give delightful entertainment thru our toy video demos.

I promise the prices are lowest of any online site. If you find a lower price online, simply screenshot the toy listing with the lower price & Email it to us @

We Will beat it!


In the end i see us developing a deeper & growing connection as we learn together how to run humble business while learning to be in the moment with our coustomers. We will grow into a popular dad & daughter online toy enthusiast who share the best toy deals worldwide.  I hope she will learn different ways of being empathetic during business transactions thru my example of personalized interaction with our customers.

I also know Jennavacia will get a taste of connecting with others during transactions earning money & video creation. Look out for her to host toy videos with her cousins & friends.  She gets half the profit from toy sales. I gotta figure out how to get her to save half . But that’s whole other blog.

Thank you for your time & wish you love and blessings!