My Pursue for the Perfect Char.

This is the number one place to find how to get different kinds of char. Char means a few things to me. It’s when you cook the surface of a food with high heat to seal in the flavors. It also adds a crispy tasty different flavor profile to the outside of food. Finally, it’s eye-candy presentation of diamond cuts on your meat, the caramelize sugar on top of your Brulé, The flavorful sear from a high heat pan-fry or a hi-setting oven boil. This passion was seeded long ago from an Impactful woman in my life.

My passion for charge started long ago with me cooking in the kitchen with my mom at the age of eight. I used to help her pan fry chicken leg quarters to get the perfect crispy skin on the outside. She also seared the cheapest cuts of pork chops that were on clearance. She would cook it on high heat to crispy up the fatty parts. This was even though it made it so hot with the gas stovetop on full blast. It was worth the sweat because the fatty parts used to be crispy like bacon & had big flavor.

Thank you mom for giving me something to be passionate about!❤️

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