Letter to My Future Adult Daughter, August 23, 2018

Hello again Jennavacia. Again you can not read any further as a kid. You can’t read this until you are of adult level emotion intelligence. This way you can fully clasp the scope of the following.

Hello again Jennavacia! We have had a pretty exciting summer where you have seem to just switch to big girl thinking.

Girl, let me tell you about your party first!Danyelle, your granny Lesia, & I worked together to plan & throw your birthday party for the first time ever! It was a big effort for all of us to show you that we can come together to throw a celebration of the day you changed all of our lives forever.❤️

Danyelle did all the decorations, Granny made all the delicious sides to go with the bbq that got catered. Throughout the party Danyelle & your Aunt Gloria had the kids excited to play different kids games. It was a good time. Next, I want tell you about your switch to total big girl status. Here’s one example.

So Thursday afternoon was the perfect example of your big girl status. You and your bestie, Kaylee went to Dave and busters with me. I gave each of you your own card. Y’all Were in the zone having so much fun together being competitive and laughing. I watch (what seems like from the outside) you sharing “secret” giggles with Kaylee. It feels like I got demoted from “funnest daddy in the world” to being a “school field trip chaperone” lmao (means laughing my ass off just in case you forgot in the future.) I know it was coming soon but damn! 😢But then you come back with the sweetest thing a father i ever hear from his 8 year old daughter. Read on……

On one Sunday night we had the most wonderful conversation that put a big ear-to-ear smile my face. This is what the conversation was about. We were talking about how people express themselves differently to you & how it feels. Then you started talking about how we talk. You told me, “I am grateful daddy that we can talk things out to solve them.”you don’t get annoyed with me and yell out what’s wrong?!” These statements really touch my heart and a little weight lightened & tingled up & outward thru me. I have been worried about our close relationship becoming a little distant with you becoming a more independent slightly rebellious big girl. Read on to learn why.

I had been worried about the closeness of our relationship lately because I see how upset you get when faced with consequences for making poor choices. I worry that I somehow am perpetuating that behavior.While you are on punishment, I tell you that I love you always & leave you to it. you come back out after a while & I remind you that you are not a bad person. I also remind you to remember that this is a practice for you to remember how to make better choices. Finally I tell you that I must hold you accountable for your wrong choices so you would k ow that they are bad & that I know that you will remember and do better..

Thank you for reading this letter & let’s talk about what you read here!😃 Lastly, I look forward to continue to grow with you as your parent. I love you Jennavaica & can’t wait to see the unique & wonderful woman you will become!

P.S I can’t wait to write to you about you back-to-school progress & our rough patches of growth. O yea here’s a video of you & your cake!

Wednesday October 3,2018


  1. Aww so much progress between you two in how y’all communicating, and yet you can discipline with a positive note, and she’s more understanding of her actions and is able to talk about whatever was going on and learn from it..

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