15 minute Charred Lemon Pepper Tilapia

Here’s my tasty way to make fish enjoyable without deep fry.

The char adds a crispy smoked citrus pepper crust that you can see when you break the fillet open. These fillets work great for a quick family dinner or your meal portion planning!

Here’s what you need.

2 tbl Bacon grease

2 fillets of frozen individually wrap tilapia.

Lemon pepper

Sea salt

Super strong paper towels

Chopping board

Heavy bottom skillet


Metal spatula

Pan mitts

Grab chopping board & place a sheet of paper towels on top enough to cover chopping board from coast to coast. Cut open the fillet clear plastic package and drain excess water from package.

Place fillet on paper towels.

Grab a small strip of paper towel and fold a few times. Pat dry on both sides sure you place the fillet on the dry part of the towel after drying.

Drying The fillets prevents the water from turning into steam and forming a barrier that prevents you from getting that Char.

Season liberally with lemon pepper.

Then sprinkle with sea salt lightly. Turn fillet & repeat.

Preheat skillet on the stovetop with a setting of mid high 5 min before you are ready to add the bacon grease.

Add 2 tbl Bacon grease to hot skillet and use pan mitts to lift pan up in a rotational motion to spread bacon grease throughout bottom of skillet.

Immediately place the fillets on skillet.

Char for 3.5 min on each side.

You are looking a brown end that’s darker then the fish below.

Thank you checking out my recipe for the perfect char!🤤

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