Letter to My Daughter; Our Visit to Your Aunt/My Sister.

Hello again Jennavacia. Again you can not read any further as a kid. You can read this until you are of adult level emotion intelligence. This way you can fully clasp the scope of the following.

This letter is about our visit to our loss love one Jamilet. First off, let me answer your question about how she died. I couldn’t answer it in front of grandmom as she was already feeling down during our visit. My parents usually would let us cry as babies if all of our needs are taken care of already. Everyday I would be doing what any eight year old boy would do, imagine & play with what little we had. On this day through it was tragically different. Her cries became muffled like she was out of breath. I ran to get my dad attention. He hurried over to see her unconscious. Dad hastily started trying to breath life back in her body while Rhythmically pressing her chest to bring her heart back to us. Ambulance came and brought her to children’s hospital. She died at the age of 8 months due to suffocation because her head became wrap up in blankets & couldn’t breathe. That is the tragic and Painful story of the loss my sister/your Aunt. She never had a chance to fully enjoy her life & she will always hold a special place in all of our hearts. That’s the story of her passing. Let’s move onto a lighter note, how emotional mature you acted during our visit.

Jennavacia, I was in awe with how emotionally mature you acted at our visit. First off, You was already feeling sad but you ran over to comfort mom when my mother started crying with intense emotion behind the memory of losing first daughter. You hugged mom & empathetically told her, ” it’s ok grandmom” while holding her & laying your head on her shoulder. Secondly, you recognized this wasn’t the time to joke or make light of the situation in anyway. Finally, This visit together was bittersweet.

I am grateful and blessed to share this memory and moment with you. I know you will grow into a emotionally intelligent, confident, & passionate adult. If you have any questions after reading this let me know. I’ll probably be on a trip somewhere exploring with my future wife, lol.

Sincerely yours from the past,

Your dad, Miguel Portillo

P.S I attached the YouTube link of the video of our visit.



  1. I love this, this is so sweet and touching, I like the idea of you writing her letters for her to read when she gets older. Welcome back to your blog I’m happy you started back writing.

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