My Daring initiative to Connect.

I have been working on conquering my anxiety with connecting with others through different hands-on approaches that I talked about in previous blogs. This has to be the the most daring one for me to connect with a perfect stranger & neighbor. This is what happen.

Here’s a little history for perspective. I met a fellow humble single parent at our daddy-daughter dance through the parent’s daughter who also is my daughter’s friend. Since then, our daughters have had a couple playdates. So we really didn’t know a lot about each other. On the second play date at IHOP, we talked about each other’s struggles & I found out she had family in Dallas that she hasn’t seen in a long time. I thought about offering for her to ride with us to Dallas & we would drop them off at their Dallas family.Then, empowered by my anxiety, I thought about all the possible uncomfortable & awkward situations that could happen & the fact that I would be struck with no way out. I thought about if I acted too goofy they will look at me with judgment & laugh at me instead of with me. I thought about what if we got in an argument how awkward it would be after. I thought about what if she criticized my driving, my parenting, my laughs, & on & on…..

I then finally thought about what if this is my chance to be kind, to really focus on staying out my head & be empathetic to another. Make a new friend of my daughter’s friend’s mom. I then thought anybody should be blessed to be around me! I also told myself other affirmations of mine. As you will see next, end results was very eye-opening & interesting!

In the end, it was a happy-emotional & memorable experience with happily to say new friends! We had so much fun! We got to know each other in such a judgement-free zone. I even felt comfortable enough to karaoke in front of everyone! 😳 let me remind you, this our first real time hanging around each other for more then the hour that we all share at IHOP a few hours ago that day. Back to the car ride high lights, we also play a nice verbal game where one of us would describe a cartoon character & gave hints until one of the others called out the correct character. We also played a math game where I called out addition subtraction equations until they said it was too much like school work🤦🏽‍♂️😂. On the way back it was night time so they rested majority of the way while my new friend & I exchanged highlights from our visits.

I am also grateful to connect with a kindle spirit & heart. She is the semi-perfect human example of what being kind to others looks like. She helps so many people graciously & lovingly. I deeply enjoyed both car rides to & from Dallas. Please subscribe to my blog for more!

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  1. In the process of meeting and opening up to each other, your having fun and enjoying life and what ever comes your way, you are handling well

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