Random Act of Kindness

Hello out there!πŸ˜ƒ This blog is about my first Random Act of Kindness Day celebration.

My daughter & I celebrated this day after work by handing out balloons to random kids in the park. It was a fun & nervous experience that was inspired by a couple of friends.

I almost didn’t go through with the idea but thanks to inspiration from my instagram friend (Instagram is @thegracefilledhome) about the best way to teach my daughter compassion is to serve others together with my daughter.

A co-worker also told me I should do it even after I was telling her my excuses that were fueled by my anxiety. She finally jumped into a bent-over chicken pose & started clucking like a chicken. 😳 I was like “o hell no! I ain’t no bitch!😜” Full of determination, I took my lunch shorty after & ordered 10 balloons & paid for my pink poster & balloons, thereafter.

I made a loud pink poster with a old marker calling out happy random acts of kindness day to warn others parents of our intentions so we didn’t scared anybody. πŸ˜…

Our encounters were exciting & nervous for me. Our first act was scary as we approach this lovely young mother & her little 2-3 year old daughter. She was very receptive to our kindness & this encounter made all the other encounters easier to start. She even came back while Vacia & I were handling out balloons to our third family to give us a big cookie.🀀 The third family also gave us 2 cupcakes!πŸ˜ƒ

We continued to approach other families feeling more comfortable about the next approach after each previous encounter.

In the end, Vacia & I had a discussion about how we felt during different parts of the celebration. We both found out we both were a little nervous at first. We both felt really good about sharing & enacting with others. We both noticed that all the parents we talked to were pleasurably surprised & kids were bouncing with joy with their balloons. Lastly, This was an amazing experience for me as it gave me another unique opportunity to connect with others as wellπŸ’ž.

Here is the video of our experience.πŸ˜ƒ

Our Random Act of Kindness Video

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