No longer my little girl.

I’m no longer her bestie. Damn, It amazing how fast kids grow up! Now I feel like I have to get to get know her all over again after raising & loving her for 6 years & counting. She used say say daddy this daddy that. Now she wants to call me dad instead of daddy. 😩She saids she is big now & has to use big girl words.😳 On top of that, She tells me to not say certain things because it’s not cool & it’ll embarrass her. 🙄Another thing is, she likes her own alone time now & tells me, “knock dad if you need me.”🚪 One scary part is that I sometimes worry that what if she grows to not want to be around me? What if our relationship regresses to the intimacy level of a neighbors exchanging few words & bullshit conversation about the weather? I logically know that this is unlikely but the emotional fear of it still lingers. To combat this, I dive into to great parenting resources like Dr. Meg Meeker’s podcast & my favorite parenting book, “Scream-Free Parenting.” These provide awesome meaningful direction that also gives me the why behind their advice to really drive it home.

All is not lost however, she still loves & wants to be around her daddy, I mean dad.😛 I look at her eyes & still see her 💕 for her poppa. She still loves to eat together. The latest was she pranced joyfully & enthusiastically like she was in pre-k with wide arms ready to engulf me with her love & affection when I surprised her at her lunch with a McDonald’s kid chicken nugget meal. In addition, She still needs me to comfort her. she accidentally hurts or cuts herself. Then starts squirting, pouting, & saying in babygirl voice tone “kiss it daddy, to make it better.”😄I then get all big chested & “fly in” to rescue her.🤩

I also enjoy our big girl/ dad talks as they always wow & better me. She makes the most interesting connections about life & situations that I get excited to talk about with her. Another big plus, is that now she can help around the house more!

My biggest takeaways from her growth evolution is, I must seek outside resources to learn how to better interact & influence her. I can longer just tell her to do something & expect obedience. I must practice being grateful during our interactions. I must completingly be in the moment with her to filter out my inner bullshit & keep it from clouding what’s really going on between us. She doesn’t intend to challenge me or disrespect me. She is learning how to express herself. I must nourish & encourage that & guide her so she can learn to express in a non-condescending way & without offending others. My daughter is growing up so beautifully & I will keep my Ultimate vision in mind of her being impactful & happy from being kind to others, having the self-confidence to recognize & stick to her beliefs & goals, & being fearless in pursuing them.

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  1. This is sweet and she’s definitely a beautiful lil girl who’s having preteen moments. It’s good that you are figuring out different ways to communicate with her, your doing a great job

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