My Truth

Hello world! My name is Miguel Portillo..
This is my reveal to you.
I am a single father of a lovely spirited 7 year old girl of which i been raising on my own since she was 3 months old.

The kind of destiny part to me becoming a single parent is I had experience of mentoring & changing diapers of 5 sisters. I believe it unknowingly prepared me to raised my daughter as a single parent almost quarter century later

I am imperfect.

I am self-conscious of what my peers think of me & let what i perceive they saying as negative to lower my self-esteem.I know logically i must be the gatekeeper of my self-worth, but sometimes the negative emotions drown me like a infant lost in the ocean tide.I am an introvert who craves to connect with others.I have a big giving heart that comes with strings-attached to selfishly & unrealistically feel like my heart  is protected. At the same time, I am striving to maintain the same heart unconditionally but with discretion with who i keep in my heart’s circle. I am also very analytical. Because of this i am great of self-assessment but not so great at implementation because of emotional impulsiveness.

I am steady improving in my personal opportunities a step at a time while reminding myself like a parent comforting a baby with a pacifier that I AM LOVED.

I understand that some reading this might think that i should be more detailed in certain parts of this blog, but to those “some” stay tuned & read my weekly blogs, you will see the puzzle coming together hopefully get enlightenment from the rawness of me, the good, the life fires, my firefighter experience from putting them out only to find later that another fire was smoldering right in front of me that was most of the time created by ME.


  1. Well said man. I look forward to reading more of your blog posts and perhaps maybe even vlogs. Keep up the great work.

  2. Sometimes one of the hardest life lessons for some people is concurring their fear of talking to their family about bad past events that happened between immediate family. And trying to overcome what happened back then and how to move forward now as a family

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